Thursday, 17 July 2008

Read My Mind


I'm Toby Vacher. The chances are that if you're reading my first post, you know who I am. Either that or this blog has become hugely successful to the point that some of you have gone all the way back to the start of my writings to see how it all began. Now we're in the realms of time travel though. That's something i might have to come back to in an earlier post. (See what i did there?)

The aim of this blog is 1: to alleviate holiday boredom; 2: to get a (semi)permanent copy of my thoughts and views on various things; and 3: to entertain anyone who finds these things entertaining.

Hopefully i will write about religion, news, morals, world views, films, lifestyle and possibly foods... without rhyming too much.

Please be enjoying.

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